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Key Digital Trends for 2017 / 2018

What's changing in the digital landscape? How will this impact brands and businesses who engage with their customers online? Some of the topics up for discussion at the recent #WolfgangEssentials session, held at the Foundry at Google Dublin, and threesixty were there to find out more...


Wolfgang Essentials is an annual digital marketing conference hosted by digital marketing agency Wolfgang Digital, and held in The Foundry, Google Dublin. The conference was packed with insights and featured a stellar cast of speakers who covered the latest innovations within PPC, Social Media and SEO.


Key Insights:


  • Facebook is hoovering up display advertising budget –  due to the fast rate of innovation within Facebook Ads and Facebook audience segmenting – check out the Dynamic Product Ad for example. Google and Facebook are now the main players for digital ad spend.


  • Ad formats are evolving but many clients’ digital KPIs have not – it’s time to stop chasing ‘followers’ and ‘likes’, and instead look at the time engaged and goals converted on site.


  • Businesses need to be active and present across all social media platforms. The more digital touch points a business has, the more conversions it will achieve. Bricks and mortar sales are falling – but the online economy is growing 9 times faster than the wider market at large. Digital is the main reason that just over half the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since 2000.


  • Voice Search is going to change Search as we know it. ‘Voice search’ means using Google by speaking on a mobile phone or computer, instead of typing in a search query via a keyboard.  Voice search is now accounting for 20% of all search queries in the US, and as voice search gives only one result, competition for this spot will be intense. This result, boxed in red below, is called a featured snippet or ‘Position Zero‘ i.e. it appears before the #1 paid-for spot.  It can’t be bought –  it’s a promoted organic result.  To capture position zero, first, a website has to rank organically on the first page of results. Second, the site needs to have content that effectively targets the question being asked. Prepare to hear lots more about Position Zero as Voice Search grows.


  • Last click attribution is no longer relevant – nor is it correct – as research shows that 50% of all revenue generated online is completed on the 3rd click. Which means businesses have to build trust quickly online, be consistent in their brand messaging and remove any obstacles to purchasing on their website.


  • Google Attribution is going to be a game changer, and will be the ‘last click attribution killer’. It offers a streamlined view of all performance metrics. It unifies and analyses all available data streams (with data-driven attribution, marketing mix modelling, and TV attribution) to create a highly accurate model of a marketer’s full efforts. It will allow businesses to view their performance as a whole, or drill down into detailed views of channels and campaigns. It’s going to make it easier for businesses to see what channels are actually working the hardest for them and means that digital marketing it going to get a lot smarter. Learn more about it here 


  • 360º video is an amazing way to bring a product, experience or retail space to life. Using VR headsets, we were able to view a great example of a 360º video created for Ordinance Survey Ireland  Is there way to use 360º video to tell a story within your business?


… So some interesting stuff on the horizon! It was a great event, really insightful and interesting,  and the energy in the room was palpable – we came out of it with a great view of the key trends in digital for 2017 / 2018 – thanks Wolfgang Digital for inviting us!