Creating great decks can be frustrating, time-consuming and a little daunting. Managing content and design can be a real challenge. But yet, we all know that effective presentations are part and parcel of good business.

Maybe you’ve tried working with a graphic designer to help you add polish, but truth is they don’t really understand PowerPoint, and they certainly don’t love it.

We can help you find another way. We are specialists in design for corporate communications, and there’s nothing we love more than helping our clients deliver great presentations, supported by great decks.

We love to design and build great decks

Listen, we know it’s not cool. But we get a kick out of constructing great presentations, it really floats our boat, and honestly, we’re good at it.

We’re a team of comms specialists, creatives and copywriters, and we’ve helped businesses and organisations from the largest of corporates to the most dynamic of start-ups.
  • Corporate strategy
  • Product and brand launches
  • Sales & business development
  • Employee engage / internal communications
  • Investor relations or pitches
  • Board presentations
  • Sustainability programmes

Here’s some moments when we get called in to help

  • There’s a ‘big presentation’ on the horizon for you but you’ve no idea how you’re going to impress.

  • You’ve got ideas, a blank slide deck – just don’t know where to start.

  • You’ve got a deck, it’s rammed full of content and you just need a little creative help to make it shine.

  • You’ve got a tight deadline, limited bandwidth and need a deck built right now.

  • You’ve had enough of clunky/Clip Art/PowerPoint 2007 graphics – and want sophisticated graphics visualisations.

  • Your company presentations are a mess, you’ve had enough and are ready for a new brand template.
  • Has a natural story arc with well judged visual pacing across beginning, middle and end.
  • Supports your narrative without overwhelming it.
  • Allows you to double the content bandwidth between verbal and visual.
  • Reflects your brand, is visually balanced and consistent without being boring.
  • And of course, is editable and shareable.



A lot our work is confidential, but here is a taster.

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