Cordion – A Product Branding Case Study

Celebrating our architectural heritage of corrugated roofing.

Corrugated roofing is a part of our national architectural heritage. You’ll see it across the country used in barns, sheds and factories in rural and urban settings. It’s actually one of the few materials that improves with age. There is something very beautiful about its simple form, as captured by Blaise Smith in his painting of farm buildings in Paulstown, Kilkenny. Whilst we may not be world-renowned for our dedication to architectural design (Bungalow Bliss!), corrugated roofing really stands out as a notable application of form and function that work together in the Irish landscape. Below we outline the process and thinking behind the development of a new product brand identity.

Some Background

Our client is Duggan Profiles, a subsidiary of Duggan Steel, which is a very successful, family-run company based in Kilkenny that is the market leader in structural steel for industrial, commercial and farm buildings.  As part of that business, they manufacture and supply corrugated roofing. Recently, they had been receiving enquiries from customers looking to use their agricultural corrugated sheets for homebuilds. When their product featured on a house on RTE’s Room to Improve, the number of enquiries from customers accelerated. Agricultural corrugated sheeting is ok for homes, but it isn’t optimal. So the team at Duggans devised a corrugated roofing system that delivers the aesthetic of traditional corrugated metal roofing, but with the added assurance of a high quality specification, with sustainable credentials, designed to last – perfect for forever homes.

The Assignment

The initiative aimed to launch a new residential roofing brand designed to appeal to both architects and design-savvy homeowners and builders. The simple marketing objective was to capitalise on the trend of using corrugated roofing in residential settings, and to position Cordion as a premium, sustainable roofing system, with a range of colour options – all backed by extensive product guarantees.

The new brand was to leverage their market leadership position in other categories but stood distinctly apart from their industrial and agricultural product lines.

The brief emphasised creating a contemporary brand identity, that reflected the premium quality of the product and would speak to architects and homeowners alike.

Our Solution

First, a new name.

The brand was christened “Cordion,” a name that compounded “Cor,” denoting corrugated, with “Díon,” the Irish word for roof. This name was chosen as it reflects the corrugated form, but also spoke to its Irishness in a way that is modern, concise and memorable. There was much discussion on the inclusion of a fada in the name, but it was decided not to include it, as there were potential opportunities for export – and it was seen as a complicating factor.



Naming is a key part of a product brand identity


Then a Logo and Brand System

The logo design for Cordion opted for simplicity and modernity, Forgoing any kind of brand mark for simple typography that featured a cut in the “I” that hints at both the roofing form and the fada in “Díon,” enriching the brand’s Irish connection. The colour scheme of contemporary dark green with an orange accent diverges from Duggan Profiles’ corporate colours, placing Cordion as a distinct, stand-alone product brand.



Collateral to support the customer journey.

We were able to identify a suite of materials that would best aid customers in making the choice to specify Cordion for their build, by providing the appropriate level of information, in easy to understand language, backed with clear technical data was available to customers at the right time and place for them. To this end we designed marketing print / downloads, designed and built a website and created a premium sample box that showcased the product and its colour variants, and a suite of technical information sheets.




Bringing the product brand identity to life at every key touchpoint


With limited photography available, we commissioned high-quality renders by Chris in Cynotype showcasing Cordion in a variety of Irish settings, from urban to rural. We were looking for these to be both aspirational and attainable. The content and design of each piece of collateral was created to highlight the product’s benefits and premium quality while presenting technical information in an accessible format. This strategic approach to collateral supports Cordion’s positioning as a desirable, premium brand.

 We were very pleased with the great work done by Threesixty in creating the Cordion brand. Their deep understanding of the brief, personal approach and service, along with a keen eye for contemporary design resulted in a brand that perfectly captures the essence of corrugated roofing while elevating it to new heights. From the strategic naming to the sleek logo design, every aspect of the branding reflects the premium quality and sustainable ethos of our product. We are confident that Cordion will resonate with architects and homeowners alike, thanks to Threesixty’s expertise and dedication to excellence.


The new Cordion product brand identity represents a strategic amalgamation of heritage and modernity, aimed at capturing a niche in the residential roofing market. Through careful naming, a distinct visual identity, and innovative collateral, Duggan Profiles has successfully positioned Cordion to appeal to architects and homeowners, offering a premium, sustainable choice that pays homage to Irish architectural traditions while meeting contemporary design expectations.